All calm on the home front

From Tesco Living magazine (July-August 2011):

Did you know? Pink is often used in football changing rooms as it’s thought to have a calming effect on players. So try managing your own gang this summer with a few strategically placed pink accessories.

This is… odd. It sounds like they’re referring to Baker-Miller Pink (here, look at a page of it next time you get angry about gender-stereotypical colour-coding), and there may even be some truth in the assertion that football changing rooms are sometimes painted pink.

So on one level it’s not entirely nonsense. But at the same time, the underlying message seems to be “Boys! It’s OK to have pink in the house! Even FOOTBALL PLAYERS (who are very manly) use pink!” And that shouldn’t really need to be said at all. Also, of course, the message isn’t actually aimed at boys, because boys wouldn’t be seen dead reading Tesco Living (OK, to be fair, neither would I… though I may occasionally be seen furtively rifling through it for vouchers) — it’s aimed at Mum, who has to “manage” her “gang” (which you just know is meant to include Dad as well as boy-children), because men and boys are not actually rational beings but crazed beasts who need calming down by means of sneaky pop-psych tranquilizer darts.

Here’s the quote in context so you can judge for yourself who this stuff is aimed at (and enjoy all the calming pink on the page):

Page from Tesco Living magazine - relevant text reproduced in article.

All calm on the home front


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