OK, at least this time both the boys’ version and the girls’ version say “chef” (not “cook”):

Children's "chef's apron & hat" sets, one in pink with a picture of a white flower, the other in blue with a picture of a red car.

Self-raising flower

It’s the paucity of imagination that wears me down, though: the assumption that for any item there has to be one version “for boys” and one version “for girls”, and that those will be blue and pink respectively. Why do we do this? Why do we even have to have gendered versions of something unisex like an apron? And what do flowers and cars have to do with cooking or kitchens anyway? If you want two different aprons for children, why not have, say, a yellow apron with a picture of three red apples on it, and a white apron with a picture of a big green broccoli floret? Or a blue apron with a picture of a dish and a spoon (with optional cow jumping over the moon!) and a red apron with a picture of a mug of tea?* That way boys and girls have twice as much choice, and your product has twice as many potential customers**!

* I am available for freelance apron-designing work in your area at very reasonable rates.
** Ditto freelance marketing consultancy.


3 thoughts on “Half-baked

  1. Several friends of mine have smallish daughters who are usually dressed in head-to-toe pink. I’ve asked them why, and been told that the daughter in question demands it (and apparently gets it). All have seemed baffled about where their progeny’s love of pink has come from.

    So perhaps if you (as an retailer) don’t offer a pink flowery apron, the nation’s mutinous three year old girls will refuse to wear one, and thus not learn to cook. And *then* where will we be 😉

    • I don’t really mind there being a pink option, so long as there are other options as well! Doesn’t seem surprising that girls end up loving pink, though, when they are conditioned to do so by every shop, advert, etc… :-/

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