Everything in its right place

The problem with a blog like this is that it’s easy to focus on the negative stuff. So, by way of a bit of balance, here are a couple of kids’ clothes sites that are getting it right:

Rainbow Babies does — as the name suggests — baby clothes in, you guessed it, a wide variety of colours (even black!):

Image from rainbowbabies.co.uk

Down to earth

It’s so refreshing — just lovely plain colours, bright colours or neutrals (no wishy-washy pastels!), simple styles, no slogans, hardly any designs, and mostly completely unisex. OK, there’s one Girls T-shirt which is “especially for girls between 6 and 16 years” (and it isn’t pink!); there are ladies’ leggings (which come in a variety of colours, including blue!), and ladies’ tshirts (these are kind of on the pink spectrum, though there’s a black and a grey option as well), and kidsclothing has a separate section for ‘girlsclothing’ [sic] … but I’m just being picky now. Really, the vast majority of it is delightfully bright and cheerful and stereotype-free.

If you want something a bit less plain but still thinking firmly outside the pink-and-blue box, however, this may be more up your street. Tootsa MacGinty says:

All our clothes (apart from a few dresses) are unisex and so can be worn by girls or boys.


The world is filled with colour, everything is a possibility, and we don’t intend to make that world smaller by putting our fearless adventurers into a sea of pinks and blues, clothes that look like they were meant for adults or slogans they can’t yet read!

All the materials and designs we use give total freedom of movement, are as colourful as a paint-box and hard-wearing enough for daily adventures. We want our clothes to have more than one life, and most of all, we want the children who wear them to have fun.


Smiling sun image from tootsamacginty.com

Hip-hip-hip hooray!

OK, if I was being really picky I’d ask them to change that parenthetical remark in the first line to “apart from maybe a few dresses” — hey, it’s fine by me if boys wear dresses! — but as a mission statement for kids’ clothes, this is basically brilliant. Their clothes are bright and cheerful and fun, with spots and stripes and animals and smiley faces; some of them come in pink or blue, but that’s fine when pink and blue are just two colours among many rather than a way of drawing a line down the middle of humanity.

Tootsa MacGinty even have clothes with badgers on. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The only sad thing about these two lovely sites that they’re so clearly the exception: in an ideal world I wouldn’t be able to do a blog post about kids’ clothing sites that aren’t full of sexist stereotypes, because there’d be too many to count! For now, though, I’m going to count my blessings, check my bank balance, and splash out on lovely clothes for my lovely baby.


One thought on “Everything in its right place

  1. It’d be interesting to know what the sales figures from those two sites show about the sales of pink/blue clothes. Do they sell (eg) disproportionate numbers of pink garmets as those buying for baby girls heave a sigh of relief that they can buy something in the “right” colour?

    Or is their target demographic mostly made up of people running screaming from the pink/blue divide, who thus never buy pink (or blue) for their children, as a matter of principle?

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