A load of pants

Seen on sale in Tesco:

Photo of Huggies training pants on sale in Tesco, available in pink or blue

The Princess and the Pee

For some reason I am reminded of this excellent cartoon from Leeds Postcards.


3 thoughts on “A load of pants

  1. Yes, pink v blue, but *if* the absorbency is in different places to match the two sorts of fluid outlet (it was a decade a ago, though I suspect incontinence pads might have been responsible for this design feature) then this is one of the few cases where a distinction is justified. If so the number of returns would be high without a very obvious, socially-clued, difference in the packaging.

    • Fine to distinguish between the two if there is a difference (I’m not convinced — I’ve never seen nappies which were differently shaped for different sexes), but in that case printing the words “FOR BOYS” and “FOR GIRLS” clearly on the packaging would be more useful (rather than relying on pink/blue cues which may not work for all cultures, may not be obvious for colourblind/partially-sighted, etc), as well as making it clear that there’s an actual difference in the products.

      Also, even if you’re going to colour them pink and blue, you don’t have to reinforce the gender stereotypes quite so strongly in the pictures on the packaging (‘active’ boy, ‘princess’ girl).

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