My daughter has a strawberry hat:

Photo of baby wearing a hat that looks like a strawberry

Berry berry quite contrerry

She’s recently learnt to take it off all by herself. At the children’s centre the other day she took it off and cheerfully held it out to a little boy (let’s call him T) whose mum (H) is a friend of mine.

Me [to my daughter, laughing]: “Don’t give your hat to T, please, darling. It’s a lovely hat, and we’d like to keep it.”
H: “And it’s a girl’s hat!”
Me [surprised]: “Er. Is it?”
H: “Yes! You wouldn’t put that on a boy, would you?”
Me: “Yes! Why not?”
H: “It’s a strawberry.”
Me: “How do you know it’s a girl strawberry, not a boy strawberry?”
H [looking at me as if I’m a bit weird]: “Er, OK, whatever.”

My daughter wears this hat nearly all the time when she’s outside, and people assume she’s a boy all the time — though to be honest I think that’s more to do with people assuming maleness as the default than because the hat makes her look like a boy, or a girl, or anything other than a baby (or, I guess, if you were really gullible and/or shortsighted, a very large strawberry). Anyway, someone clearly thought that this hat was not girly enough, as they had to make a pink version:

Photo of pink strawberry hats on a rail in a shop

Let's not over-analyze

When I saw this in a shop I thought “oh, they do a raspberry hat as well” (I know, raspberries don’t really look much like that, but that’s what chronic sleep-deprivation does to your brain). When I looked it up online, however, I found that it was sadder than that: the pink version is called crushed strawberry.


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