The pig issue

As well as buying proper shoes for my daughter, I’ve also been looking for wellies. She loves Peppa Pig at the moment, so when I saw that Mothercare had Peppa Pig wellies I was quite excited:

Photo of blue "Peppa Pig" wellies, featuring George Pig and the text "George loves mud!"

This little piggy had puddles…

“Splash! George loves mud!” George is jumping in a muddy puddle! How perfect for a toddler who likes Peppa Pig and wants to jump in muddy puddles! But wait, it’s Peppa Pig who’s the star of the show, not her little brother George. Why can’t I get wellies with Peppa on? Answer: because these are boys’ wellies, and George is a boy pig, so the boys’ wellies have to have George on them. You couldn’t put a girl pig on a boot for boys, could you?

Now, I reckon you’ve already correctly guessed what colour the girls’ equivalent of these wellies might be. But it’s not just the colour:

Photo of blue "Peppa Pig" wellies, featuring Peppa Pig and lots of little hearts.

… this little piggy had none.

Despite all the little hearts all over these wellies, we don’t get to find out what Peppa loves. No puddle-jumping, no text: she’s denied action, denied a voice. This despite the fact that all the books and DVDs agree that Peppa loves jumping in muddy puddles:

Picture from a Peppa Pig book, showing Peppa's favourite thing: jumping in a muddy puddle

Muddying the waters

A bit of googling suggests that you can get not-entirely-pink Peppa Pig wellies with text on, which look like a closer analogy to the “George loves mud” wellies (though I didn’t see them at Mothercare):

Sky-blue wellies with pink hearts featuring Peppa Pig in a tutu and the text "Peppa loves to dance!"

These boots were made for … dancing?

Yes, the Peppa in the books and cartoons also loves ballet … but she doesn’t wear wellies to do it. Though to be honest, ballet-dancing in wellies would probably be easier than buying clothes aimed at girls that encourage and celebrate messy outdoor activity rather than posing prettily in pink.


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