I remember as a child having a vague awareness that pink was “for girls” and blue was “for boys”. I don’t remember wearing pink much (except for a lamentable attack of fluorescent pink around 1989, best forgotten), and photos of me as a baby and as a child show me and my playmates wearing all kinds of colours. But somewhere between my late-1970s, early-1980s childhood and the present day we seem to have become more and more intent on putting girls and boys into two coloured boxes: the baby clothes section of a department store shows a wall of pink and a wall of blue; the toy department has a pink glittery “girly” section (with the implied message that everything else is not for girls); everything that is marketed at the parents of children — from crisps to curtains — is aggressively gender-segregated, with the ubiquitous pink and blue reinforcing the line between the two.

This blog is a place to document (and laugh at, and exclaim in horror at) examples of this nonsense, in the marketplace and in the media, online and offline.


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  1. Can I just say that this is an absolutely splendid site. Your choice of examples (how alarming there are so many of them) is wonderful, but your commentary is equally enjoyable. I’ve had to read it carefully in stages because I get so angry about this sort of thing, I have to stop for a while and pause. If you know anyone who is seriously campaigning against this brain-rot for children, I’d be keen to support them.

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